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I'll be there! Table F-02 in Artist's Alley! Sitting with Miffed Gerads! Drawing! COMICS


More info --
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Emerald City Comicon is less than a month away! I'll be at the show again, sharing a table with Mitchwith Gerads, and taking sketches throughout the weekend. However, if you'd like to order a sketch beforehand to pick up at the convention you can do that as well. FIND OUT MORE HERE --…
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  • Watching: Green Lantern: The Animated Series
Dark Horse Presents #15… is out today! It includes, among a host of great stories, the second Buddy Cops story! Written by Nate Cosby, Art by me, and letters by Rus Wooton, this one sees the duo take on a giant orangutan loose in New York City. Get out there and pick it up!
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I'm running a two-day 25% off everything sale at the shop. Click here to go there and check everything out. Thanks!
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David Harper at Multiversity Comics was nice enough to ask me some questions, which I threw some words at in the hopes that they were answers. We talk about Buddy Cops, working with Nate Cosby, why all-ages books are better, and why "Doc". Read it here -->…
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The first Buddy Cops story, written by Nate Cosby, art by me, and lettered by Rus Wooton, is out today in the pages of Dark Horse Presents #14! Get out there and check it out! -…

Here's Nate and I chatting about it a little -…
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Hey all! I'm leaving first thing tomorrow for Seattle to attend this year's Emerald City Comicon! I'll be sitting at table F-17 with Mitch Gerads. For more info on sketches, sales, etc. read on at my blog -->…

Looking forward to seeing folks there!
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I'll be at Emerald City Comicon in Seattle this March. If you're interested in picking up a sketch at the show follow the link for more info -->… . And feel free to tell your friends who may be attending, thanks in advance!
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Hey all. I'm running a 50% off Sale over at the shop today for Black Friday, so today only. I've just put up a bunch of newer originals this morning, so go check it out! -->
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Dark Horse announced today that the first Buddy Cops story from Nate Cosby, myself, and Rus Wooton will be in Dark Horse Presents #9, arriving February, 2012. You can read more here -…

It's a little while away, but I'll make sure to say something again as we get closer. Thanks to all of you who wrote and asked about the release date and left such kind words. I'm very excited for you all to see it.

Now onto the second story...
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Nate Cosby just posted the first four pages of our first Buddy Cops story over on his tumblr -…

Do your Uncle Doc a favor and go check it out! Still no word on which issue of Dark Horse Presents this will appear in but as soon as I know I'll be sure to spread the word.

Finally, I've been very busy with the baby and work in general so I haven't been able to reply to all the comments like I'd like to, but thanks for the kind words as always!
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One of my upcoming projects was just announced in an interview with Nate Cosby over at Newsarama -…
BUDDY COPS will be appearing in Dark Horse Presents this fall; written by Nate Cosby, art by me, and letters from Rus Wooton.

I've been excited about this for a while and I'm really glad you guys are going to get a chance to see it soon.

Lastly, thanks to you all who wrote in about commissions and sales, always appreciated.
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Hey all! Due to some sudden car trouble this morning I'll be running some deals this morning. Here's what you need to know:

- I'm taking a short round of commissions today, more info here --…

- Everything on my shop is currently 50% off --

- The recent blog sketches are 25% off --…

I appreciate anybody spreading the word, and thanks for reading!
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Hey all, I'm running another sale on the Doc Shop. Everything is 25% off so go ahead and give the shop a look if you're interested--

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Some pieces have sold and I've uploaded a couple new ones, check it out-- Daily sketches, Twart pieces, and a few pages from the last year or so. You can find all that here - Thanks!
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I'm back home from ECCC! Had a really great time and it was fantastic meeting so many of you there. Thanks for coming out and saying hi. If I can help it I'll be going back from here on out.
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As I've been mentioning for the last couple of weeks, I'll be in Seattle this weekend for Emerald City Comicon.

I'll be at table C-08 with Carla, between Dean Trippe and Gabriel Hardman. I'll have prints of the Twart pieces for Superman, Captain Marvel, and Popeye, as well as most of my originals. I'll also be doing sketches for those interested. If you're one of the folks who pre-ordered something just stop by and I'll have it for you.

There will also be a COMIC TWART panel on Friday night at 7 pm in Room 4C3-4, the first panel I've taken part in. We'll be talking a little bit, drawing a little bit, and at some point Mitch Gerads will probably cry. We'd love to see you all there.

In general, I'm really looking forward to the show and meeting some of you! See you on the other side.
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I'm currently running a sale of some of my older stuff on my shop in an effort to get some of this stuff out of the house. A lot of the old mugshots and some of the daily sketches can be found there -
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Just wanted to drop in and say thanks to all of you who wrote in about commissions. I've got all the regular commissions I can handle for the month, but I'm still taking pre-show commissions for Emerald City Comicon in an effort to offset the costs of getting there. You can find more info here…

Thanks guys!
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After a short break to catch up on other work, commissions are open again. I'll also be in Seattle for Emerald City Comicon this year, so if you're interested in commissioning something from me to pick up at the show that's available too. Go here to find out more -

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